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Glow-In-Dark Time&Temp Clocks
Our Price:     £12.99

From  £12.99ex VAT£13.25inc VAT
Now you never need to struggle in the dark to see the time... big numbers on a bright glowing face. The specially illuminated clock face actually glows making it so easy to see the hour whatever the light ...  
Remote Control Electric Socket
Our Price:     £29.99

From  £29.99ex VAT£30.59inc VAT
Turn your wall sockets on and off using this magic remote controller.It can be a real nuisance having to bend down (especially in those difficult to reach places) to turn on or off your sockets. Some really bright ...  
Snap-Shut Holeless Belts
Our Price:     £19.99

From  £19.99ex VAT£20.39inc VAT
Combining the old with the new and getting the best! One of the biggest problems with the old-fashioned belts that are fastened with holes is that the holes start to get worn and the belt looks scruffy very ...  
Wood Multi-Purpose Cart
Our Price:     £49.99

From  £49.99ex VAT£50.99inc VAT
This all-purpose table is ideal as a magazine rack, bedside vanity, printer stand, telephone cart or chair table. It fits in a small area but holds a lot! Three shelves have raised edges to keep items contained. ...  
Dont Touch My Food  Monkey
Our Price:     £14.99

From  £14.99ex VAT£15.29inc VAT
If you steal his banana he’ll go bananas!Absolutely brilliant new toy will bring you all uncontrollable laughter. Take the banana out of his hand and he goes mad. He jumps around rants screams. Pop it back ...  
Feather-Light Comfort Shoes
Our Price:     £19.99

From  £19.99ex VAT£20.39inc VAT
They’ve been a firm favourite with the nation for many, many years. Expertly crafted to give the ultimate in long life comfort. You just cannot believe how light they are... seriously featherlight, yet so ...  
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Exotic Baroque Real Pearl Set
Price: £12.99Save:£7.00 (54%)
Our Price: £5.99
From  £5.99ex VAT£6.11inc VAT
From nature's very own fresh sparkling waters these exquisite pearls have been harvested and set to magical effect.There is nothing quite as classically beautiful as a well strung double strand pearl necklace 
Green Fire Crystal Watch Brace
Price: £14.99Save:£9.00 (60%)
Our Price: £5.99
From  £5.99ex VAT£6.11inc VAT
Every now and then we come across a new watch which literally makes us go 'Wow'... please just have a closer look at thisAs a watch you will be amazed how accurately it keeps time... as a piece of decorative 
Spinning Solar  Flower Light
Price: £9.99Save:£6.00 (60%)
Our Price: £3.99
From  £3.99ex VAT£4.07inc VAT
A spinning flower of fascinating colour will brighten up your garden in any dark night.A spinning flower full of colours rotating in the breeze right there in your garden. During the day the solar panel collects 
Tortoise Bangle Watch
Price: £8.99Save:£5.00 (56%)
Our Price: £3.99
From  £3.99ex VAT£4.07inc VAT
In these days when we are rightfully protecting Mother Nature's creatures from unnecessary fashion use...we can still replicate its true splendour. Turtle shell replicas are just as magnificent as the real thing 
Desiree Lad Designer Watch
Price: £14.99Save:£8.00 (53%)
Our Price: £6.99
From  £6.99ex VAT£7.13inc VAT
The delicate gold tone chain strap is completely adjustable and looks like a million dollars. The dainty exquisite-looking watch face with its vibrant Ruby Red background is simply spellbinding. The timepiece that