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Big Button Mobile Phone
Our Price:     £59.99

From  £59.99ex VAT£61.19inc VAT
Do you struggle with the gadgetry of complicated mobile phones and those difficult to use small dialling buttons... here's the answer!If your eyesight is impaired or you are not so dexterous with your fingers... ...  
Our Price:     £17.99

From  £17.99ex VAT£18.35inc VAT
Forget the Cold Wet Snow and Ice!- Water-Resistant Glove-Soft Styling- Man-made uppers and soles- Warm and Cozy Fleecy Acrylic Thermal LiningEasy-Entry Zippered Front Flap... No More Struggling To Get On or Off! ...  
Feather-Light Comfort Shoes
Our Price:     £19.99

From  £19.99ex VAT£20.39inc VAT
They’ve been a firm favourite with the nation for many, many years. Expertly crafted to give the ultimate in long life comfort. You just cannot believe how light they are... seriously featherlight, yet so ...  
Alaska Joe Winter Boots
Our Price:     £27.99

From  £27.99ex VAT£28.55inc VAT
A top fashion accessory for all discerning ladies. One of our designer’s favourite accessory of the season. This delicate scarf loops around your neck and is accented by the lovely teardrop pendant and ...  
MDF Dlx Multipurpose Cart
Our Price:     £39.99

From  £39.99ex VAT£40.79inc VAT
A really useful furniture item for every household This superbly made piece of furniture sits neatly on easi-glide rollers... just wheel ...  
Remote Control Helicopter Toy
Our Price:     £29.99

From  £29.99ex VAT£30.59inc VAT
The ultimate toy for kids aged 3 to 93 Absolutely stunning. You can remotely make it ascend, descend, turn right, turn left… great fun. Really sturdily made for those inevitable crash ...  
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5 Way Extension Socket
Our Price: £15.99
From  £15.99ex VAT£16.31inc VAT
Now you can really safely run extra appliances off just one wall socketMost of the old style multi extension sockets don't show you which appliance is being used or if it is off...they all had to be on at the same 
Lighted Stand Magnifier
Our Price: £11.99
From  £11.99ex VAT£12.23inc VAT
Whether youre reading sewing model making infact anything that requires a closer look this lighted magnifier will really help you out. You can either hang it around your neck (great for sewing!) or use the stand. 
Spell Checker (UK English)
Our Price: £14.99
From  £14.99ex VAT£15.29inc VAT
This compact spell checker fits easily into your shirt or jacket pocket. An invaluable aid to crossword buffs or those with general spelling problems it measures just 11.5 x 6.7 x 1.8 cm. It's easy to use too; 
Plug-In Sensor Doorchimes
Our Price: £15.99
From  £15.99ex VAT£16.31inc VAT
Now you can hear anywhere in the housewhen someone is at the doorJust plug the doorchime into your ordinary wall socket (& you don?tlose a useful socket as you can plug into the product itself). When someone rings 
Battery/Bulb/Fuse Tester
Our Price: £9.99
From  £9.99ex VAT£10.19inc VAT
A really useful machine for every home and officeNow there is a simple and effective way to test the efficiency of all your household batteries bulbs and fuses. An easy-to-read dial which tells you the amount of